May 21, 2018

10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Surgical Services

Here are a few little questions for you: have we done a TPLO at your hospital?  If so, does your web site say that you can offer TPLOs at your practice?

As more and more pet owners do their “homework” on the Internet before ever calling your practice, it is important to promote yourself, including your surgical services – whoever performs the surgery.  Saying you do spays and neuters just doesn’t cut it anymore – no pun intended.

Here are 10 easy ways to do just that:

1. List surgeries performed in-house on your website

You are welcome to find inspiration on my own web site.  Key words for search engines related to surgeries offered at your practice include:

. Cruciate or Knee repair – TPLO, lateral plus, lateral suture (extracapsular repair)

. Hip surgery – FHO, hip luxation

. Fracture or bone repair – plating, external fixators etc.

. Soft tissue – spleen removal or splenectomy, bladder or urethral surgery (urethrostomy), gastrointestinal surgery (foreign body etc), mass removal (neoplasia/cancer), upper airway surgery (brachycephalic syndrome, laryngeal paralysis etc).

. Cancer surgery.

These are just a few of the many surgeries that can be performed at your clinic.

2. Mention names

Mention the name of your favorite concierge surgeon (as well as ultrasound, cardiologist etc.) on your web site, along with a link to their web site. You should flaunt their Board Certified credentials as well as them being a doctor in your practice.

3. List websites you trust

These carefully chosen sites will provide reliable information on select procedures that we recommend (ex: has a small animal conditions section).

4. Thank you cards

Use thank you notes to your benefit.  Post them as testimonials after surgery (TPLO, fracture etc).

5. Show and tell

Post pictures of bladder stones or crazy foreign bodies on social sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) and have examples laying around in your exam room.

6. Before and after pictures

For example, you could show stenotic nares or a huge SQ tumor preop (nothing too graphic) and the same patient at suture removal.

7. Before and after radiographs

You could show rads of bladder stones, bone fractures (and repair), TPLO etc.

8. Be creative

Show your unique personality.  If you have an artist among your techs, who beautifully decorates bandages and splints, showcase them!  If you have a picture of a tech cuddling with a cute puppy, show it off!

9. Bragging rights

Showcase your OR, your IV fluid pump, your Bair-Hugger or equivalent (not everybody has one) etc.

10. Picture frame

Place a digital picture frame at the front desk, showing pictures of items mentioned above.

Now, you could easily dismiss this newsletter and say “Pff, I don’t have time for this.”

Or you could take advantage of a slow day to use your staff members’ skills.  The youngest ones visit Facebook and YouTube every single day.  Just watch them during their lunch break!


Using technology is second nature to them!  Use their knowledge!  And differentiate yourself from your friendly colleague down the road.