March 23, 2018


Presurgical Premedication Protocols:
doctor-clipboardOrthopedic Procedures:
• Hydromorphone 0.05-.1mg/kg and Acepromazine 0.03mg/kg IV or IM
• Morphine .5mg/kg -1mg/kg and Acepromazine 0.03mg/kg IV or IM

Soft Tissue Procedures:
• Buprenex .01mg/kg +/- acepromazine or valium for extra abdominal procedures
• Hydromorphone 0.05mg/kg-0.1mg/kg and valium 0.2mg/kg IV for abdominal procedures
• Morphine 0.5mg/kg-1mg/kg and valium 0.2mg/kg IV for abdominal procedures

Intraoperative Procedures:
Fluid Therapy
Intraveneous fluids will be administered during the surgical procdure. The rate of crystalloid administration is 5ml/kg/hr. This rate may require adjustment during the surgical procedure. This is our basic starting point. Other fluids may be added in to maintain an appropriate blood pressure during the procedure.


If needed we provide monitoring via the PC-VetGard+…

The PC-VetGard+ is a small, battery operated, wireless patient monitor that displays dynamic multiple monitoring parameters on my computer via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is omnidirectional and virtually free of interference, ensuring a consistent, reliable wireless connection most anywhere in the clinic. Once the surgery is finished I will email you a pdf recording of data recorded every 5 minutes throughout anesthesia. My PC-VetGard+ has the following monitoring parameters:

  • ECG, Temperature, Respiration and SpO2
  • NIBP with systolic, diastolic, MAP and heart rate calculations